To help maintain a true and immutable chain, I’ve considered adding another idea. If light-weight bitcoin-like mining is done by koin nodes (who simultaneously agree on blocks), they can give a quiet mining hash along with their other signed info. This would use everyone’s hash power, not just the winners to solidify or shore-up the chain.

This may not be necessary but I like the idea of making it very difficult to recreate an alternative chain.

Blockchain based transaction history becomes a beautiful cryptographic work of art

Let me explain real fast: bitcoin insists that block creators more-or-less discover a hash with so many leading zeros and all the other miner nodes and their efforts are ignored. But koin nodes combine together to agree on a next correct block.

This means proof-of-work mining is unnecessary, but a little work done by all of them combined together for a more precious chain. Whether it be hashes of 00 or 0000000000, dozens or hundreds of such mediocre hashes together form a beautiful crystal like structure demonstrating passage of work-time.

It sh be noted that the cryptographic work already required by nodes is significant enough to make chain-recreation hard.