Ramblings: More Thoughts on Safe Money Most of crypto uses amazing new technology to achieve cool new ends/purposes, but does not solve some issue plaguing humanity, such as the problem of unfair money practice. Muslims practice an idea called Halal. Jews and Christians avoid what they call usury. Hindu preach against selfish or harmful money uses. Buddhism advocates dharma, including economic stability, self-reliance and right livelihood with altruistic sharing. Humanists are against misusing money to control others, especial in matters of 'inalienable' rights, and believe that wealth can be beneficially directed toward philanthropy. Bitcoin begins the process of providing every person right to safe money, increasing potential for newly considered universal or inalienable rights. Governments have ability and are justified in providing/controlling money and liquidity in their country. They have the right to tax in return for their services. Despite this, surely one has the right to own what he rightfully earns, buys and builds. Very likely, he has the right to money that mostly keeps its value over time. Right now such things are not true of all people on earth. They simply to not have access to safe money and banking. Actually, not knowing how our money is controlled may lead to unnecessary spending on war and the nonbeneficial. And lets just say there is more than one way to borrow from your people. (However, I believe that war may be justified at times and that governments may deserve some space and privacy when under rule of law.) One More Currency Having one universal money may be problematic, unhelpful or disastrous for various reasons. For example, the Euro has caused many problems and only time will tell if the benefits outweigh the disadvantageous. Nations have lost advantages of controlling money without gaining all the benefits of having one central currency. Some economists believe these last issues are surmountable to an advantageous ending. But cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin do replace national currencies. It is more like an alternative where no other options are feasible or an additional avenue for sending/moving money. So cryptos do not act like nor try to displace national currencies. One more possibility is that Bitcoin or its stable counterpart might actually hurt or deteriorate national currencies with too few benefits. No matter the success of blockchain/internet based money, there will always be the rich and poor and misuses of wealth. But there is much positive potential in smart money. Money Control The hope is to solve indirect draining of value by monopolistic control of highly liquid assets… money. I'm no expert I guess, but money serves a purpose of allowing easy trade and is supposed to keep a pretty level value. Otherwise what is 'money' good for, except as a status symbol or a number… a game score? Luckily many many who obtain wealth, contribute to our world such as to public libraries and museums or invest in new business. The US is rich because its richest have often sought the good of others. Ironically some rich live more properly and carefully than many poor. Yet the truly poor of many nations greatly suffer and they could use the benefit of trust, microcredit and banking. Lets pursue the idea of who should control money. Surely a nation made up of constituent citizens, must protect itself and its people. Therefore all must contribute a share of their efforts to the combined effort of all, to withstand destorying powers be they natural, internal or external. Asian philosophy teaches that when rulers misuse their position of power and grind away at the poor, the people have the moral right to overthrow those rulers. Maybe citizens are not powerful enough to reject and toss out their rulers from land, however. Some nations may simply be poor and have unstable money. Everyone talks about corruption as if it is simple, but surely it continues to exist unless it is continually polished away. It is natural to hire those you know and trust, so where trust/honesty is low in general, nepotism and favoritism is bound to continue in government. This is over simplified, but being a good person may be most powerful step to overcoming a corrupt government. Alas, sometimes leaving one's nation or rejecting a current systems is the only safe or worthy option. I believe in supporting and improving government, but sometimes this may not be possible. Since Bitcoin is Not considered generally illegal, maybe an upgrade or next generation smart currency will not be either. So this is the idea. Since such smart money does not require governments, institutions or banks to control it, everyone with internet or other access can use it. Methods of policy voting may be implemented in such a currency. Usually no one can print more funds except as dictated by hard-to-change rules. Usurping power on a large scale is difficult. Those involved could even vote as if shareowners or equal participants in a large corporation. If everyone has access to acceptable money, may be no reason to invent an alternative, except for efficiency and cross-border situations. But the failure of currency is part of our past and future history. I do not believe that some perfect currency will replace government. In the ideal, we are each a piece of the government. I hope the US government in her best state and ideals will continue a long long time. Leaders we can trust still make our companies and governments the envy of others. Lets focus on safe money for all, then argue politics/political science later. — One problem is most cryptos focus on price of coin/currency rather than providing a service. money form current ipo structure must be funneled into something that makes the poor enabled rather than investing rich to have fun. Hey its all cool, but way to much speculation into have-hearted tools that richer/middle class americans, europeans asians can use.